Wednesday, September 2, 2020

If he hadn't . . .

If he hadn't separated children from their families at the border. 
If he had treated the children at the border with respect and care.
If he hadn't embarrassed his wife in public by being the guy we all hate.
If he hadn't treated his daughter like an object.
If he hadn't had a derogatory comment for every woman or man who disagreed with him or challenge his comments.
If he hadn't ruined my passport and decrease my clout worldwide! 
If he  had listened to the professionals how many more would be alive?
These are a few of the things that lost my vote.  There's really so much more.

I also want to know why my independent vote always has to choose a side. I'm independent I'm born on the 4th of July and wicked independent and I'm not going to vote for all Democrats or all Republicans we need to fix that to in state elections. Seriously, Why waste so much paper? Just put them all on one form. 

Oh and agree or disagree - just don't forget to Vote!!