Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Discovery ❣

A #Starwars #Lego & #More #Themed #Christmas 🎄 #Story's
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All the Gifts Go With The Trees 

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The Where? 

The each themed tree 🎄 inspired by the #Givers at local businesses, groups or a family as a way to remember a loved one.

Stop by and help the #Shriners do the wonderful things they do 😇 #Sharing #Seasons #Magic #Familytime #Food #Entertainment #PicturesWithSanta after his nap of course (>‿◠)

$2.00 to get in; under 12 Free #FreeParking
November 25th to December 4th #Springfield #MA

It's amazing the kind of #magic that happens when you share it with others.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump He Did It...

What did we learn from this election?

Americans work hard and they want a President who would work hard with them.  Politics as usual does not meet the public's needs. Would we have liked to break the glass ceiling with a woman President? You bet.  But we wanted something more and our hearts would lead us to dig a little deeper and look back to see what the mainstream media left out.  

Did President Trump make some off colored remarks? No doubt. We can't condone it at all and we shouldn't.  True, he didn't run a politically correct campaign.  The question is, is there a lesson to take away from it all? Simply yes, there is corruption to overcome; in the media, politicians, the medical arena and justice systems and as Americans we're not going to take it.  

We want someone who is proud of what he's accomplished.  If you really look back, all along President Trump was showing us what he accomplished.  The main stream said he should have been talking politics. I saw a man who took us to those places, not to boast; but to proudly show us what he's accomplished and who he accomplished it with. As Americans, we want a president who proudly represents us and the things he's accomplished in office. (Trying to find the positive; in a truly heinous election.)

We want fair trade, jobs, we want affordable competitive health care, without surprise billing or insurance block-outs (Thanks President Obama we'll keep that part) but we want accountability across the board. We want hospitals to be held accountable for care and billing.  We want a justice system that works, we do not want our land or businesses encumbered by liens that we never were given a chance to confront; because a Judge simply signed them. We want accountability and we want action. 

ISIS is a real-threat and they sadly claim Islam as their driver. Islam is a peaceful religion, but like all religions there are extremists that can be dangerous. The point is they - the extremists - have to be dealt with head on; not our neighbors.  

Walls and fences, we all have them metaphorically and in real-time. Think of your backyard, do you really want people you don't know camping out there? Do we want immigrants? Yes, you bet we do, legally. Do we want safer boarder's without a doubt.  You don't want strangers coming in your backyard when your children are playing.  We don't want walls like Germany, we don't want walls like Vatican City; but we do want a metaphorical and physical wall that cuts down on the human tragedy that happens going over the board from Mexico to the United States.  It's for their safety and ours, making it legal to get here for work, will take out a lot of the evil that exists there, an area that so many have witnessed as hell. 

The main stream media won't give you the real picture and President Trump called them on it.  So he didn't give his taxes and he never should; he's audited and we all know how dismal the IRS is with it's loop-holes and changing rules. 

He did it, or did he have Russia's help? He has 4 years to prove that a maverick cowboy vote, each and everyone one was deserved.  

We've had plenty of lawyers become President and the mavericks we've liked the best were President Reagan and perhaps President Johnson (the one after Lincoln) the ones who've made us proudest are the ones who did not always follow policy; but when they didn't it was for a good reason. 

Our hearts were tugged, but it's done and going forward like President Obama, President Trump will be a leader and he'll earn or keep our respect.  Because he'll do his job with passion, his way and we'll be okay; because if he doesn't we can vote again in four years.

Ps. He also proved the election process isn't always rigged or is it?

Congratulations President Trump, try to do better than you have so far.

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