Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our turn to wait on Editor's, but, Fairy's Among us...

 COURTESY of Wicked local
Esther Baird
Our turn to wait on Editor's...but the perfect time to bring you news on, some Fairy's who are making the news and we think you should meet...

Did YOU ever run into a delay with the Tooth Fairy? This Danver, MA. Mom's story may make you feel a bit better & I promise that not only will you be able to ensure she is never delayed again, you'll understand what - "FroYo" and Typing, means to the Tooth Fairy!!

Ester Baird 

The Nail Fairy - no picture yet, but we do have 2nd "hand" information that she does exists.... as does the mustache fairy, who leaves a telltale reminder that he was there; hint to keep him away you must hide the magic markers ...

"YOU" are awesome and you knew that! aah, compliments move Karma into a positive place. Life is busy, at times so much so, that we while we are often prepared for insults, compliments can leave us baffled. Check out how this "Compliment Fairy" aka Diana Haj Ahmad, does it in 1 minute and 3 seconds, the results will make even our most cynical skeptic pass some around...

Taking Face Painting to a whole new level; sometimes things are not always going to go our way, but if like Lib, FairFax's Fairy Princess, we follow our passions and use them to help other's the fairy tale ending is never out of sight...

For More information on this Fairy Face Painter and how she created this click here

Taking Destination Fairy Tale Weddings to new heights...and an array of places you may never even have heard of, but they have!


Martha Stewart is transforming into a FariyGrand Martha for Halloween in 2013; even the Head Fairy is buying this copy!

                                                                          Martha Stewart's Halloween issue                                                                                                                                           COURTESY MARTHA STEWART LIVING & page linked here

Mariposa is the Butterfly Fairy (her friend is Barbie)
They Know of a Magical Kingdom powered by crystals, glow waterfalls and that friendship can overcome most obstacles...

Last but not least, we all know Hook, (as in Captain Hook/Peter Pan) can be charming and devilish at the same time, I haven't seen him in a while which means he's up to something. Rumor has it he met up for mischief with Disney's new Pirate Fairy, she is one of the fairy's with a rep. for mischief & malice hopefully just misunderstood. Maybe, Tinker Bell, will be able to save the day and let her know that like Mwai Kibaki found: Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed. Looking forward to seeing it soon... 

                                The Pirate Fairy | Babble
                                                                                   COURTESY of Disney trailer

See You Soon

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Building Nostalgia with ...

One small organization, a "Great American Downtown" a lot of volunteers and three great yearly event's the Taste of Downtown, a seasonal weekly Farmers Market and an incredible Holiday Stroll  all happening in Nashua, NH under the direction of the Event Keeper found in Ms. Dixon!

These programs add value to your community because while children grow up and move away, they do come back to visit at these times, it's nostalgia; Doug Larson, once said, "Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days."   

Create some Nostalgia with your Family & Friends

See You Soon

Friday, August 16, 2013

Experiencing the Fairy Tale

Sometimes we want to get beyond the book, we want to experience the adventure as we do in Fairy Tale Festivals, but a new series is starting to spread far and wide it's "The Human Library" want to read more about it? 

Click HERE because it is the place where you can meet not only the characters in the books you read; you can meet some very interesting people in your community and the news you read. But you can get the story first hand, with the Head Fairy's favorite kind of heros "volunteers" lending a hand...

Bring it to your library soon...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fairy Tale Place's & some Fun Facts

Sheboygan, Wisconsin BookWorm Garden's ; A Free Family Activity that will test your senses, sensory skills and highlights over 60 of our favorite childrens story books you can literally walk right into your favorite storybook, try out a girl named Helen Keller's view by feeling your way around, and the Wheels on the bus or even dig for fossils like the kids below ...with two acres to explore, this is high on the Head Fairy's List of places to set as a quest and it was developed by volunteers! For more information click the above or this review.

Image - Bookworm Gardens Camp

Scotland, the Head Fairy loves it, because their National Animal is 

the ...Unicorn.

WHAT? You don't believe??? Fairies can't lie, just google Scotlands, National Animal...or click just google & find the truth

The above unicorn led us to China where we found this delicate, love story highlighting the Natural Beauty found there... 

As you know the Head Fairy is deeply invested in inspiring you to read and use your imagination so of course LEGO's is on the Head Fairy's list best toys ever!!!

Do you know what the word "Lego" means?

The founder Ole Kirk Christianse, took the first two letters of the

Danish words "LEG" & "GODT" ? It means PLAYWELL! More

INCREDIBLE is this toy that has children & adults worldwide

putting things together; in latin it means "I PUT TOGETHER" so 

like the kids above; this is one of the best activities especially on a

raining day, it's a perfect time to get out there and start putting it 

together & talking the possibilities are endless as the boys above 

can attest to...

All that playing & exercising can make us pretty hungry. But, what

do you do when they won't eat the foods they need to? 

You make it more than edible, you couple it with their love of fairy 

tales,- You make it "fairy-licious".  How?

Take the Walls tour, this one get's the Head Fairy's "A+" in 

creativity, because sometimes the way the food is served to our 

wee-folks, just might get your most cynical, critical, hair pulling

picky eater to take the "Healthy plate tour" and learn to be 

healthy with a little imagination and creativity mixed with 

talking about their daily adventures  ... the results may be 


More coming see you soon...

See you Soon 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Thank you, to all the Vistor's and Sponsors of the Nashua, NH Fairy Tale Festival ....goodbye doesn't mean forever.

Dear Readers;

 - As we start to experience the crispness that signals summers end and leave another fairy tale summer behind in NH. I hope during my time here, that I have imparted; how much imagination & literacy is crucial to our everyday lives, it fuels hope, empathy & encourages us to act in the face of evil and/or adversity for ourselves, those we love & people we've never met. Keep asking questions, never stop believing and thank you, all of you, visitors, my sponsors on every level who made the generosity factor real and created emotional connections that will continue far beyond what you imagined. 

It has been a privilege and never less than a worthwhile endeavor to bring you into the realm of my quest; "Fairy Tale Access". It will continue to be available for everyone who wants it, with new discoveries and adventures. 

Gandhi once said: 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.', and if you ever lose sight of the goal; read this piece as a reminder from J.K.Rowling's, to Harvard's 2008 graduates...

See you soon the Head Fairy, aka Denise-Marie (Cutter) McIntosh & the DMVC Production's Crew & Acquaintances who volunteered with me, to make it a reality! –

Reminder's of our Last 2013 together in NH
For more on past events and our Future Event's go to our Face Book Page 
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I will miss Greeley Park; but there will be other places that you and I and we, will meet and discover Fairy Tale Access...

See you Soon 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Paranormal Activity asking CC the Huntress

Paranormal Activity - Is it real? Or just a hoax? Sometimes to get past being a skeptic you actually have to participate, the results like flying or riding a bike have to be felt ...

CC the Huntress , has had some amazing experiences and the next time you get a chance to meet up with her, you should, the results surprised the skeptic herself ...

See You Soon

The Head Fairy