Monday, March 12, 2018

The Bridge To Constantine Algeria

Sharing Insights from March 2018 into #ConstantineAlgeria the place where Algerian poet Malek Haddad born in 1927 once said "You do not introduce Constantine. She introduces herself, and you salute her. She reveals herself and we discover each other."
It's absolutely true, she has hidden treasures that are just patiently waiting for you to discover them. Each street, cobblestoned or paved has hidden treasures. 

The landscape welcomes you as much as the people you meet everywhere. Like a Fairy Tale, it's an adventure waiting for you to unravel it! Surprisingly, this city literally whispers to you and captures your heart; calming your mind and soothing your brow. While sparking your imagination and testing your endurance to face long walks in clean air and butterflies through your core as you cross her bridges and walk along her cliffs.

Blending in with the scene at the #Palace of Ahmed 'Bey' or 'Ruler' of Constantine from 1826, completion in 1835, after 10 years. Sadly he only lived here two years before the fall of Constantine into the French occupation. The Ottoman-era buildings are amazingly preserved and it's easy to step back in time and admire the beauty created here especially the murals. gardens and doors, there is about 540 doors made of cedar woods inscribed and engraved with different sculptures and decorations they are awe inspiring. Not to mention all the marble in the columns, floors and ceilings! It's a must stop when in #Constantine #Algeria

Constantine is a city set in a simpler place in time, with traditions that draw you into its core.  It's one where people dress conservatively in the city and dress up for parties like a Humphrey Bogart movie. Both men and men and women and women hold hands and link arms as they set out about their day. It's the closeness you feel with your best friend.  

Curiosity explore it, embrace it and keep asking questions ~ it may get you invited to dinner.  

A time where the entire family gathers close - to enjoy good food and conversation and share their lives. It's appropriate to take off your shoes, engage as best you can with everyone, with children simple games can help you hit it off like xoxo also known as tic tac toe ☺ bring your host a small gift from home something meaningful. One I gave that was enjoyed by the adults and children alike was the story of the dream catcher; representing legends and stories shared in America.   Be yourself and share yourself with others you'll learn and love a lot!

More Coming Soon... Take Care and Keep Asking Questions 

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