Friday, December 11, 2020

Emsella by BTL Review

Staying in Shape & Away from Surgical Procedures in the early 2000's was a monumental task, seemed like one was always recommended. Trying less invasive procedures like #BTL #Emsella 2020 required a little trust, less $$$, and incredibly outstanding results!

Staying in Shape & Away from Surgical Procedures in 2021 literally #effortless

Emsella - wow 6 sessions it's like doing kegel exercises. Approximately, 30 minutes & relaxing - bring a book to read.

It's a treatment for incontinence & definitely helps without surgery which doesn't always work.

Extra Perks: It tightens the vulva (part of your genitals on the outside of your body) & labia, (the folds of skin around your vaginal opening) which can loosen up after pregnancy, as you age and when you lose weight. I have to admit this part was surprising, because you're going to have an incredibly noticeable difference between the mons pubis (the fleshy mound above your vulva) and thru to the lower part of your bum.  

Inside and out: you'll find that your skin is tighter in that area - you can wear a bathing suit bottom with confidence and you'll find you can hold it a lot longer.  

I was skeptical, but I have to say if you try it you'll be seriously impressed. 

#Emsella #Confidence #Review

If you're in or around New Hampshire the Ageless Medical Spa had some of the best prices!  

#Stayhealthy keep asking questions about all the new options out there and treat yourself the results may astound you!


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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Emsculpt Does It Work On The Average Woman? - Review

This is the absolute worst picture I ever posted of myself.  Clothing hides a lot. 

January 2020

The pictures that advertise Emsculpt seem deceptive; but are probably true for the 20 something model.  But does it work on us, the girls aged 30,40, 50 +, after we've  had a baby, broke a bone or two, when something that came up limited our workouts, Covid19 lock downs; any and all of those things that get in the way.  Well, things start to sag a bit faster than you think.  

No excuses, the above picture is true and I left my face unlike the others you may find on line. Because on those only showing the core -my first thought was "sure" further squinting and questioning is it the same body?? 

So of course, I had to try it.  I met with Dr. Peggy Gregory above.  She is one of the best in this field. At my first visit, she explained everything and listened to my concerns. Dr. Gregory has been an OBGYN for over twenty years.

  So how did it go?  The procedure is truly pain free. It can feel awkward at times and it seems it's less painful when you're not in your best shape. Dr. Gregory said men received the best results while both men and women with well-developed abs could not tolerate the highest level. I thought maybe I was just too overweight or out of shape to get any benefits. Still in that 20 pound range for my target weight I wanted to try it! 

Happy to report I wasn't too anything. The answer is YES, it works. Right after the procedure I literally felt lighter, taller and had less lower back pain in fact none. It helped me stick to my workout routine and strengthened my core almost immediately.  I walked out like literally wow! But results ....that no pain - no gain kept ringing in the back of mind and it wasn't until two days later that I felt some tightening like I had seriously worked out my abs. So I took a picture. If you want to see the results click on! 

YES!!! This is literally two days after; I checked the dates on the pictures 3 times.

(Disclosure on the picture on the right I put a black line simply to cover my bra.)

I have to say I am shocked each time I pass a mirror. Moreover, my core strength is increasing after each workout. Planks, stomach crunches on the circuit series ab machine and other ab machines and exercises at the gym and then largely at home (gyms closed) are soooo much easier.  At home during quarantine I am happy to report without much dieting, I have been able to maintain and increase my strength and lost 18 lbs in 3 months. Luckily got in two Vanquish Me Treatments before the shut down. Which is absolutely crazy!

When you check prices you'll find them to be anywhere from $3,000 to $3,500 MSRP for 4 sessions over a two week period.   The secret price at this place is so Fairy Tale Access-ible ....  it's not advertised and also the reason I jumped into trying it.   

I can say that if you say you want Fairy Tale Access & if you were to take a two week or less vacation in NH stay at a Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, or Airbnb do some sightseeing and tax-free shopping in the same area this providers price would allow you to still have the money left to do it.  Or you can plan on using that 2,000-2500 you save to try some of the other services that this provider does.  Kudos great customer service and reasonable prices!  For a little more than the MSRP for just Emsulpt, I went in for the package deal an Ageless Makeover ... Works on abdominal muscles, adipose tissue and skin to help regain abdominal tone, decrease circumference and tighten.  It also included treatment for pelvic floor muscles - which stretch during pregnancy and delivery. I'm on my way to complete  4 Vanquish ME,   Emsella 6, Exilis 6, Cellutone 6, the Emsulpt 4, completed.

And then  almost 3 months later ... with only 2 Vanquish and 1 Exilis 

To further smooth the skin and decrease fat; I'm trying the BTL Exilis Ultra Treatments for 4 weeks; with optimal results that can take up to 3 months. It's a bit of a wait but so far the results have been extraordinary. 

 I've cut down on any fake foods, trying to stay healthy with natural food choices less meat, exercising, yoga, planks, light weights, and walking 2-5 miles a day depending on the weather. Yoga online with She doesn't do a website. But she is honestly another great resource for staying ageless. 

All in  it's all, without a doubt it's worth it; especially the package prices at the Ageless Medical Spa.  Lost 18 pounds since I started at the end of January. Back into my 6/8's and feeling great.  I will be ready to tackle the Sahara Desert & all the mystery once we're allowed to travel.  

Dare To Bare Arms at Any Age

#Emsculpt #Triceps only! 

Keeping up with a Fairy Tale Access Regime

Disclosure: This is not a paid advertisement; I did pay for the Emsulpt treatments and did a video below with the provider so you could see how it's done.  You have to share things that go absolutely right 😘

Keep Asking Questions
I promise to share updates soon! Remember Self-Care isn't self-centered; you only get one shot at being your best physically, emotionally & sharing the best you with others.

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Add a treadmill to keep up the results at home.
or Sneakers and keep walking and working out.