Friday, December 11, 2020

Emsella by BTL Review

Staying in Shape & Away from Surgical Procedures in the early 2000's was a monumental task, seemed like one was always recommended. Trying less invasive procedures like #BTL #Emsella 2020 required a little trust, less $$$, and incredibly outstanding results!

Staying in Shape & Away from Surgical Procedures in 2021 literally #effortless

Emsella - wow 6 sessions it's like doing kegel exercises. Approximately, 30 minutes & relaxing - bring a book to read.

It's a treatment for incontinence & definitely helps without surgery which doesn't always work.

Extra Perks: It tightens the vulva (part of your genitals on the outside of your body) & labia, (the folds of skin around your vaginal opening) which can loosen up after pregnancy, as you age and when you lose weight. I have to admit this part was surprising, because you're going to have an incredibly noticeable difference between the mons pubis (the fleshy mound above your vulva) and thru to the lower part of your bum.  

Inside and out: you'll find that your skin is tighter in that area - you can wear a bathing suit bottom with confidence and you'll find you can hold it a lot longer.  

I was skeptical, but I have to say if you try it you'll be seriously impressed. 

#Emsella #Confidence #Review

If you're in or around New Hampshire the Ageless Medical Spa had some of the best prices!  

#Stayhealthy keep asking questions about all the new options out there and treat yourself the results may astound you!


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