Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Thing About Authors

Authors are mirabile dictu; they can bring us through every emotion while introducing us to new landscapes -places we've never been and make us yearn to visit. Further into those places we'll never see ... because it often only exists in their imagination.  It's the landscape of changing perspectives and critical thinking that makes it an intriguing adventure.  

They have this ability to introduce us to a variety of people from the dregs of society to the edges of the universe. They break our hearts and make them rejoice with the empathy in human kindness; while subtly challenging our perspective. They keep us company in the darkest hours of the morning's dawn. 

Feeling lucky to have met so many and delve a little deeper into how they deliver some of the very best stories!

Meet them here: 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Vaccine Mis-Information in New Hampshire

The thing about some small towns in NH is ...

Information, news reporting they often don't think about how they speak "As of 7/1/21 all covid vaccine sites closed" - seemly meaning what it says - what they mean is state sites at schools, malls etc are closed.  Click find covid 
Which will bring you here:

None of your public health departments are listed -  but they are ALL allegedly offering the vaccine you may have to push for it. 

If you click on this 
You can book the Van