Sunday, May 31, 2015

Classic's Come Alive with the Ancient Fairy

Loris Burbine aka The Ancient Fairy encourages literacy and imagination with her special reenactment's of classic story books and she has one to share with you and your's on this program. 

Storytelling for all ages reveals the meaning and consequences of a plot without the bias of defining it. 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Apparel's Impact on the Community

Is changing the way consumers throw away their clothes and textiles. After this interview - you may be surprised at how a seemingly innocent t-shirt...

can play havoc in our communities when it's simply tossed in the trash (◐.̃◐). The Happily-Ever-After is the wow about things that recycled clothing is being used for! 

The answers surprised even me.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Oh, So Fairy Tale Accessible Egypt

Egypt Ancient & Mysterious in it's history and warm hearts in all the people you'll meet there!

This is absolutely one of the best places to visit this year.  With tourism just making a come back.  You will find exciting deals everywhere you go and no crowds. 

Part of the fun in the markets is haggling over the price!

The Egyptian Museum is fascinating only enhanced by talking with an Egyptian Tour Guide.  For about 15 USD plus a tip you will discover some amazing history in a little more than an hour or two! Detail's in history, folklore and new discoveries; while you wander among relics that are over 5000 years old.  

From the boy scouts to the people you meet along the way,
This is a country I always look forward to returning to and it's my 2nd time traveling to Egypt alone, moderately conservative in dress; I had no problems anywhere I went. Giza is an exciting adventure waiting for you to experience it's grand wonder from Arabian Horses a breed almost as old as the pyramids...

To The Pyramid's themselves. Amazing, 9 in Giza alone and over 118 uncovered to date and they are counted as some of the largest structures ever built! 

If you talk to enough people you can make some unexpected discoveries like the Harvard Egypt College for k-12 an amazing educational experience created by one man, Dr. Osman. Who is not only challenging his students academically he is giving them the tools to dream and achieve big.

Courses in Aviation with simulator pilots as young as 5

(◐.̃◐) What are they reading for fun? Exactly the same thing You are, Disney hero's and princesses .... Explore & Discover - enhance your own dreams... you never know where it will take you.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May's Children of Divorce

May is mental health awareness month, even the royals know the importance of children's mental health as shown in the this public service announcement by the UK's Duchess Kate. But what are children telling you that your ignoring and/or not hearing? 

Boy: I'm watching the people come and go, come and go. No one comes to see me. I am sitting on the side, remembering when they did. My mom's home always saw me coming and going there were people to play with and when there wasn't there was always my mom standing by to play and read with me. We'd cook and play games and she let me tell her my stories, I wanted to marry her when I grew up.  But they said you can't marry your mom and you can't kiss her anymore there is to be no more hugs.

Here there are no more stories, no more friends and they say my dad is bad, so I must he half bad

The new mom and old dad are happy that they are married. The mom is hugging the dad while he is looking out the window. The kids start playing. They are happily married. 

My old mom must be really bad, they won't let me call her and they won't let me see her. I feel guilty that I miss her and I love her still; she always had time and patience to listen to me.

The new mom is going to bed maybe she'll be happy when she sees everything is clean in the room. Her wonders who cleaned it and why they cleaned it. The kid cleaned it to make her happy, but it's not good enough, because the kid didn't finish his meal and skipped dessert because he was full. He goes to sleep and dreams of of his mother who told him how thankful she was for the wonderful things he did all day and his stomach wasn't full and he got to have dessert. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Raccoon Studios

Stories about real life events written especially for your child's imagination!

"Man's real life is happy, chiefly because he is ever expecting that it soon will be so." Edgar Allen Poe

Author Denise Browns books are endearing & based on true stories unraveling in real-time. My favorite A Deer Visits Nubble Light House!  

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