Sunday, July 19, 2020

Vivace Microneedling vs. Lasers

Vivace Microneedling  everything you need to know is in that link. However, what you won't find is the experience so here's mine:

A lot!  Let's talk Vivace Micro-needling.  So you see a physician, nurse, doctor of something and they tell you - no there are no pin marks or bumps after Vivace.  They lied, there can be bumps, pin pricks which can take a couple of days to disappear and your skin feels drier than when you went in and it's splotchy for about a week.    The major redness does dissipate by the next day. No major tightening on the first treatment.  However, the bumps & dryness took almost 4 weeks to clear up.  I'm sorry but for the price $700 per session: I want the truth before indulging. They run around 600-1100 per session in different areas in the U.S.

They recommend 3 applications and it's priced a lot cheaper by the package which is not cheap it works out to the $700.

Session One:  Applied up and down but not across. Minimal improvement but they say it's about 3 months after. NO tightness after - as relayed by youtube reviewers; major redness dissipated in a few hours. But there were little dots in some places and dry patches that took almost 4 weeks to clear up.

Session Two: Applied up and down on face; but not across.  Up and down and across on neck so why aren't you doing that on the face? Nurse: I don't feel it needs it. (To be fair it felt like she did it much tighter) and when leaving the tightness in most areas could be felt; but this time no redness! Okay not going to argue with the technician who wasn't as friendly as the first visit. 

Went directly to office manager and explained that I want the physician to do next one. Due to the tech's technique and that it is not the criss-cross pattern the way other's said it would be done. She said well she is the specialist. I said but the physician trained her.   This is where I get assertive. I said, Look I'm not impressed with the results of the first visit or this one and I don't believe I am getting the full benefits for what I am paying for.  I want the physician on the last one period! (even tone though)  She said well it takes 3 month's to see the full results. I said I understand that and I won't leave a review until that 3 month period is up; but I want the physician because their should be superficial results after the first visit (confirmed below with makers of machine).  She said she'd look into and get back to me.

Waiting ....she never got back so I sent an email about a week later that I wanted a copy of their certificate of training.  Ended up getting a full refund.  Because I also included that I called the makers of Vivace Aesthetics Biodmedical the creators/sellers of Vivace 800-726-5029.  They explained their training is one day - the procedure should include 2-3 passes over the area being treated. There are also customizable levels for energy levels, depth of needle, amount of time needles in skin, radio frequency etc.  So hardly confident in their ability to do this correctly.  

This is how it should be applied! 

Moving on to lasers huge difference.  Redness takes a good 24 hours to dissipate whether its, Fraxel or something like the Picco laser or Cynosure.  The difference is in the technician. If they are not experienced the Fraxel can leave you with scars, blistering and very dry patches that can take 6 months to a year or more to dissipate. The do no harm physicians - fail to disclose this.

They also fail to disclose that all of the above can cause hives which is more common with people I spoke with than you'd think. So keep some allergy tabs close by and call a doctor if it happens to you.  Typically it goes away in 3-4 days but you may need something stronger & only available by prescription. Think itchy welts and hard to breath.

They probably all can cause these issues.  But Fraxel can have bad side affects with inexperienced techs.  Picosure laser is very good if your  technician is not practicing on you and covers all areas of your skin. These are the results with a year between pictures totally worth it.  Would have stayed there if her Fraxel training did not burn my skin and then try to have her even less experienced staff do work me.  Thank the beauty gods she didn't do it to my face. This is why you need to leave review's on google or wherever! We have to watch out for each other. 

Here's the truth from a trusted source - the training physicians are getting on these lasers is .... ready.... one day.  So if the physician has never used lasers or injected regularly they are the problem in this field and it's a nightmare - way more providers are doing this than should be with minimal training. Be wary ask a lot of questions and if you don't feel comfortable leave! No matter how much you want to get it done leave!!

See you soon, feel free to leave a comment about your experience even better leave that review online. What worked great for you?  

If You want a fantastic mositurerizer check Estee Lauder's Resilience Multi-Effect 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Quest Seekers Know ...

We're the ones who can't travel at the moment; but without hesitation continue the quest and spy the hidden beauty surrounding us. 

We're battling dragons when we step out and run into mask-less beings. 

We're finding new landscapes, dreams and characters in the figment of Authors imaginations and those writers who can still give us just the facts; to unravel and discern.  

We're still dreamers, but the impossible in fantasy and the what, where and how of non-fiction and history; begs us to acknowledge the why and be better going forward. 

We've seen magic and shared our own at all the right moments.  When we were lost and received directions - from the person hurrying on their way.  When we stopped and acted to help another simply because without thought it was the right thing to do at the right moment in time.  

We're the ones who know Freedom is a treasure that needs safe guarding - without the threat to even one life. 

We know the quest is an important journey filled with the authority of reason and conscience of the individual. There's no conflict between faith and knowledge or the worth and dignity of a single human life.  

We're the one's who've known hurdles and overcame them and know they'll be more. 

We've found the secrets to our own unraveling Fairy Tale Access; and encouraged others to share theirs through the art of listening and asking more questions.

We unequivocally know the human spirit is infinite in it's possibilities and it's the unity of experience that evokes tolerance and understanding.  

We know the end of the quest should be filled with good works, a completion of social and community involvement in the never-ending search for Truth. 

It's all sourced in the same reality.... keep asking questions.  See You Soon,  Love Denise-Marie 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Challenge Share Your All Time Favorite Book & Author!

Happy 4th of July everyone! What is your favorite book and the author, the one you love. You know that book or series you go back to year after year. The one that still surprises you as it moves you to laugh, cry and stay up late into the wee hours of the morning. Year after year the one that still gets to you? 🥰❣️😘 #Reading #Literacy #TheNewNormal #Independence #readers #bookaholic #booklover #bookworm #books #biblophile

Keep Asking Questions!