Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Celebrating A Love For Halloween

Celebrating their love of Halloween and giving back to a wonderful charity Make A Wish NH; being scared has never been this much fun! Celebrate what you love!

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sexual Harassment #MeToo

It's a conversation, it's a movement, it's shaming the perpetrators, but, it will never change what happened.  

It happens on the street, in the workplace and in divorce cases.  Women who are singled out. Why? Simply, because they are viewed as objects. We dress nice, we take care of our bodies. Not for recognition; but for us, we know it's the only one we'll be able to live in.  

Judges, it's not to surprising when a male Judge/Prosecutor/You?  sides with the perpetrator. But when it's a woman Judge/Prosecutor/You? who, won't even let you speak it's infuriating.  

Women don't even support other women.  In divorce, it's often the other woman or man's mother - who knows it's happening and says nothing. Because she thinks it won't happen to her, because she's different. It's the women who standby, in the workplace or on the streets - as another is defamed and look away.  These women actually knowingly add to and enable the onslaught.   

Silence and/or Speaking Out, both have their repercussions.  In every instance the defamation slapped at the victim has widespread repercussions, it labels her, it separates her from friends, co-workers.  Oh, you can say 'well they were never really friends'.  The truth is it happens with family members pitting children and others against her. Often with notorious outrageous lies.  Every area of "her" life dissected and every area of his life shielded.  

#Weinstein the name in of itself, like his acts; offers up an appropriate contradiction - wine or beer? 

How about water? Essential to life. Not hot, because women are not teabags, to be left to brew and then carelessly tossed aside.  Even a drop of water is a universal need. Imagine if you filled it.

Like the Truth, it would be refreshing, reviving even. 

                      Just Another Girl Sharing Her Thoughts