Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Preview to Rainbow Girls NH full Interview

Starring Jennifer Messina, Grand Charity NH 2012/2013... introducing you to an amazing organization for girls, just like you.  Check it out, it just might be the place you were looking for...

A DMVC Production

As this airs, Miss Messina is embarking on her new quest ... "Army Basic Training" 

 With our sincere appreciation for her service to our country, she will be in our thoughts and we wish her the best no matter where her quest takes her. 

Way to Go Jennifer. To hear more about rainbow girls, stay in touch.  The full interview with Fairy Tale Access, is posted here on Friday night and airs daily on Access Nashua the following week. See the schedule at ... for the time being every show is aired for one week after it posts here as follows:

See you soon the 
the Head Fairy


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  1. This is really cool. We get to inform other people what Rainbow really is. I think this video will help promote membership not only New Hampshire Rainbow but also to other Rainbow jurisdictions. I hope this will make a lasting impression. :)


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