Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preview to Victims Rights

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  1. I hope this goes beyond the imbedded commercial for the County Attorney. While he may deserve the kudos, there is a bigger issue at stake here - whether or not the state and the public have any stake in the safety and long-term care of our EMT's and Paramedics.

    These women have just plain been WRONGED and left to deal with the consequences pretty much on their own. Unfortunately, they were not the first and will likely not be the last left in this situation. These kinds of attacks devastate EMT's and Paramedic psychologically, affects the health of their families, and destroys their financial well-being.

    The public seems to think that firefighter's, police officers, and EMS personnel have a level playing field when it comes to assaults, injuries or Line of Duty Death - nothing could be further from the truth. Not all EMT's and Paramedics are firefighters, and have historically been relegated to the status of second-class citizen in the Public Safety system they work so hard to support.

    After a number of efforts in the past few years to address this disparity of treatment, the NH legislature still acts as if EMS personnel don't bleed and die in the same way as a police officer or firefighter. They are left out in the cold by those who depend upon them, not taken seriously as professionals, and often fighting against the tide to get on-the-job injuries covered by Worker's Comp. They do not have the right to personally charge for assault or sue someone for attacking and/or hurting them, but these processes in their behalf are consistently ignored by the legal system. Nor do they have equal access to Line fo Duty Death Benefits enjoyed by their Public Safety counterparts.

    So, I thank you for choosing to air this segment and potentially bring this discussion into the light - it is long overdue!


  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you, for your comments and concern. Please be assured that after a full review and investigation of the interview to be aired, I believe the results of the interview both here and the follow through on Speak Up pertaining to the story of these EMT's and how their rights as victims was completely overlooked and the repercussions will bring this discussion into the light.

    While DMVC Productions does not endorse or preclude political affiliations; this particular youtube video brought the story to my attention, and deserved mention.

    Moreover, when no one else besides this county prosecutor would have a conversation with the women in the episode to be aired here this Friday 10/5/12,(and on Access Nashua daily for a week starting on 10/8/12) about improvement and responsibility, they confronted it and demanded action.

    Their message in my interview represents that; “True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason.” Alfred North Whitehead

    I look forward to your feedback after the segment airs and I hope you find that the interview sheds light on the issues confronting these professionals and potentially brings about need changes to protect our service industry professionals.



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