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#Winners of - Tokyo Hearts

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 Stories that make us feel and remember those fleeting moments in life...when everything and nothing was possible or impossible. 
If your looking for a Summer Read, that has a love story and introduces you to a culture and country that your wanderlust - has yet to bring you to...Tokyo Hearts is it!

In this book, you'll find that the Author Renae Lucas-Hall, has an uncanny ability to bring to life, rich characters that make you cheer, empathize and at the same time sympathize with them as they become the adults they were destined to be. 

You'll also get a unique insight into the modern day cultural tapestry of Japan; from the authors first hand experiences of living in the country. At times you'll find yourself as the bystander, looking on - wishing you could intervene and at other times it will bring to mind a similar moment in your own life ... releasing whispers of home. There will also be moments where you'll feel the heart stopping fear of experiencing an earthquake.   

What you won't want to do is put this 192 page book down until the very last page!

Your Chance To Win Tokyo Hearts 
If you'd like a free copy of Tokyo Hearts signed by the author; simply reveal your favorite book of all time in the comment section below. Winners Announced July 31, 2014

1st Prize 1 Author Signed Paperback of Tokyo Hearts 

2nd Prize 1 iBook  of Tokyo Hearts

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Deadline is 8/31/14

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  1. My entry to win: Anne of Green Gables and Kurt Cobains bio Heavier than Heaven. AGG is very well written you want to root for Anne. She has a great imagination. Kurt's bio is very raw and real. You can feel his pain. Found a lot of compelling things about him. You can start to understand why he did what he did.

  2. Actually, I'm fond of detective fiction despite loving other genres of books. My favorite book so far is Agatha Christie's "Partners in Crime". It's my most favorite one of hers. I'd like to read more other genres of fiction, but detective stories still draw my attention the most.

  3. Hi! My favourite book is The Outsiders by Susan E. Hinton. I read it when I was 15 and I still remember how wonderfully written it was. I can't believe the author was so young when she wrote it. Best regards from Barcelona,
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