Sunday, July 27, 2014

How Fairy Tale Access ~ Enriches Our Lives....

Ћ wonderful people who challenge us to read & look at the world unfolding around us! 

Recent Head Lines 

Children exposed to religion 'more likely to believe in fairy tales'

"Children who have been exposed to religion find it more difficult
to separate fact from fiction than children from secular
backgrounds, according to a study published in the July issue 
of Cognitive Science."

And that is suppose to support 

Richard Dawkins  who says Fairy Tales are bad for Children.
Tisk Tisk


oh, two of my most cherished friends, the world would be indeed dark and dreary without you and the ability to dream; it would extinguish that small flicker of light, that one that burns brighter as each day brings us nearer to fulfilling our deepest "hopes."

Walt Disney once said that "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

Mr. Disney, was a man, who truly understood the short life of a child. A child that can be very hidden in an adult whose true light may flicker as the years pass - giving off only shimmering glimpses of the child they were. Yet, Mr. Disney, knew if he could change the story ever so slightly - he could change a tortured ending to give us all hope; hope for a different and ever unwinding array of choices for our own Fairy Tale Ending.

And such is the case with Fairy Tale Access, it's a reminder that it's always waiting for us to open the door to discover an ever expanding quest to get the messages out and connect those who we're destine to meet.  It's the idea that we are all connected by that red string of fate. A fate that is only limited by where our imagination can take us.

Imagination can take us truly anywhere; it can change the course of history, how we view and interact with the world. Each one of us, yes even you & Mr. Dawkins, plays an important role in the outcome of another's access to their own unwinding yet to be revealed

tale on their quest to release, Fairy Tale Access and finish at

The List grows as we grow...

H. Helping & Healing for 

E. Eon's to come

A. Always 

D. Daring to Dream

F. Fairy Tale Followers & Friends Revering each other

A. Authors/Artists of varying abilities sharing 

I. Illustrations & Ideas who Spark our Imagination with 

R. Remarkable Rights & Writers who continue to inspire US
Y. Yearn to release your tales and share them with all of YOÜ!
It's always about YoÜ & Asking Questions to empower
 a Head Fairy with the ability to Release 
Fairy Tale Access!

The Quest of your ℋead ℱairy is to unravel your Fairy Tales in Real Time; Rather than Once Upon A Time. By Promoting Literacy~Communication ~Dreams 
~ Fairy Tale Festivals & Destinations; while ~ 
 Exposing the Bad Guys who threaten the Quest ~ 

To help in her own utterly small way to create Balance, in a world that is often confronting Chaos.  

Your Answers are out there and they are hidden in plain sight.

Keep Asking Questions...
And May All your dreams become your realities and may all your realities become the product of your dreams!

See You Soon 

Ћ ℋead ℱairy 


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