Friday, August 9, 2013

Fairy Tale Place's & some Fun Facts

Sheboygan, Wisconsin BookWorm Garden's ; A Free Family Activity that will test your senses, sensory skills and highlights over 60 of our favorite childrens story books you can literally walk right into your favorite storybook, try out a girl named Helen Keller's view by feeling your way around, and the Wheels on the bus or even dig for fossils like the kids below ...with two acres to explore, this is high on the Head Fairy's List of places to set as a quest and it was developed by volunteers! For more information click the above or this review.

Image - Bookworm Gardens Camp

Scotland, the Head Fairy loves it, because their National Animal is 

the ...Unicorn.

WHAT? You don't believe??? Fairies can't lie, just google Scotlands, National Animal...or click just google & find the truth

The above unicorn led us to China where we found this delicate, love story highlighting the Natural Beauty found there... 

As you know the Head Fairy is deeply invested in inspiring you to read and use your imagination so of course LEGO's is on the Head Fairy's list best toys ever!!!

Do you know what the word "Lego" means?

The founder Ole Kirk Christianse, took the first two letters of the

Danish words "LEG" & "GODT" ? It means PLAYWELL! More

INCREDIBLE is this toy that has children & adults worldwide

putting things together; in latin it means "I PUT TOGETHER" so 

like the kids above; this is one of the best activities especially on a

raining day, it's a perfect time to get out there and start putting it 

together & talking the possibilities are endless as the boys above 

can attest to...

All that playing & exercising can make us pretty hungry. But, what

do you do when they won't eat the foods they need to? 

You make it more than edible, you couple it with their love of fairy 

tales,- You make it "fairy-licious".  How?

Take the Walls tour, this one get's the Head Fairy's "A+" in 

creativity, because sometimes the way the food is served to our 

wee-folks, just might get your most cynical, critical, hair pulling

picky eater to take the "Healthy plate tour" and learn to be 

healthy with a little imagination and creativity mixed with 

talking about their daily adventures  ... the results may be 


More coming see you soon...

See you Soon 

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