Monday, August 5, 2013

Thank you, to all the Vistor's and Sponsors of the Nashua, NH Fairy Tale Festival ....goodbye doesn't mean forever.

Dear Readers;

 - As we start to experience the crispness that signals summers end and leave another fairy tale summer behind in NH. I hope during my time here, that I have imparted; how much imagination & literacy is crucial to our everyday lives, it fuels hope, empathy & encourages us to act in the face of evil and/or adversity for ourselves, those we love & people we've never met. Keep asking questions, never stop believing and thank you, all of you, visitors, my sponsors on every level who made the generosity factor real and created emotional connections that will continue far beyond what you imagined. 

It has been a privilege and never less than a worthwhile endeavor to bring you into the realm of my quest; "Fairy Tale Access". It will continue to be available for everyone who wants it, with new discoveries and adventures. 

Gandhi once said: 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.', and if you ever lose sight of the goal; read this piece as a reminder from J.K.Rowling's, to Harvard's 2008 graduates...

See you soon the Head Fairy, aka Denise-Marie (Cutter) McIntosh & the DMVC Production's Crew & Acquaintances who volunteered with me, to make it a reality! –

Reminder's of our Last 2013 together in NH
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B. St. Pierre Studio ↓ Official Photographer for 2013

I will miss Greeley Park; but there will be other places that you and I and we, will meet and discover Fairy Tale Access...

See you Soon 

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