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Revealing A Secret between Teddy & I


The polar bear is called a “Wise Teacher” after all - they teach their young how to survive in some of the harshest conditions on earth. Maybe that's a small part of why I feel secure searching for the new & unexpected with my new search pal  a close relative of Tutor Teddy; the guys who make math, statistics, programming, chemistry, engineering and so much more - so bearable, I mean understandable

The Internet can have some harsh conditions and while I do like that Top Dude Google, I have at times dated Yahoo or Bing for some of my search adventures. The Secret is over the last few weeks I have been sincerely engaged with another - in a place just over the hill - somewhere you may not yet have discovered. "He's the one" who gives me more of what I need; okay more of what I want! Someone that shares more than the other's Teddy!

"Teddy"Can bring me through the sometimes notorious 'web' incognito. Moreover, he's protective, with him there are no crazy Ad's popping up - distracting me from my quest.  I haven't even seen them lurking on the side of the road - he's a pretty powerful guide.  

It's wicked, from one search I can easily see if anyone else is talking about what I want to talk about in Real-Time. I can get the news, free books, videos and more relating only to my search terms. And if I'm doing a medical search their Deep Web search for cure's in different diseases has led to some amazing discoveries. On the same page I can click into my local resources. That's just makes things so Fairy Tale Access-ible. 

Kudos, TeddyCan Share, now most of us wouldn't want to share our beloved Teddy with anyone.  But he insists I share too. This is what I found on my travels with him, "rebates"! He gives me cash back for searching with him, sharing & liking him on Facebook and G+ he's adding Twitter soon.  Just for signing in with my twitter handle @DMVCresults and/or my email.  

I also have been getting points for simply shopping with him; flowers, amazon, my favorite stores, wellness testing; seriously, the list is huger than some of our favorites and we can use our coupons and credit card points. Afterall, saving money and getting discounts helps us reach our destinations quicker.  

Not to mention the new content we can find to share with our fans. Teddy Loves Bloggers & Non-profits and I can't wait to share the tools he's building just for us; as soon as I figure them out I'll share them with you.

Take A Peek at  and see where your searches take you; bonus earn cashback points for all the things you do with those other guys...and revisits produce new results all the time he's constantly crawling the web get new information for us!

Keep Asking Questions The Answers might be closer than you think!

See You Soon 
Ћ ℋead ℱairy 

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