Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Challenges and Heartseases as a Senior Care Giver

Being a senior caregiver is & isn't what you think. 
No matter how you prepare yourself for it. It's not going to go as expected.  So cheer up and expect the unexpected.

For example, in my case, my parents had a medical set back.  I had literally six days to pack up a house and move to another state. Luckily it only took 4 days to sell my house.  Also on the bright side my employer showed exemplary empathy and help to transition my home office to a new state in less than two weeks. Plus they staggered my breaks so that I could meet my parents needs.

That is just outstanding - but you'll be surprised at how many companies will do just that for you.

Number one thing, see if your company has an employee assistance program most do in the United States and talk to the social worker about whats going on and they will fill you in on what you need and next steps for bringing them home from the hospital. Gem 💎 of a benefit they will immediately transport you from reactive to proactive. 

The next big thing is finding appropriate doctors, it's astounding how many doctors do not even look at their patients or treat seniors like they're 5 years old. Seniors are not mentally impaired they're just a little slower at doing some things. Finding physicians who will take your ques as a caregiver, but concentrate on their patients is a monumental task but totally worth the extra time especially with the primary care and specialists so yeah everybody.

But believe me its worth every moment - there will be wacky days, that just make you smile 😁.

So far being on a schedule where they get out daily whether they go to the senior center for lunch to socialize, walk in the park or simply out to lunch at a new restaurant you'll be amazed at the story's they have to share. You'll also be surprised at the memories different places invoke.

How they met? The Y dance, at a restaurant they were both working at. My mom made the move. She walked right up to my father and asked him if he knew the y dance? He didn't. She put her arms around his neck and put his arms around her waist and slyly I imagine looked into his eyes and said why dance? #meetcutemoment
I was definitely one of the lucky ones, my dad was a teacher & chef, my mom was a teachers aid, they accepted all of our friends in their home, I grew up with 13 Foster brothers and sisters. They taught us empathy at a young age. 

So why drop almost everything and move home? Y not 😘 & because they didn't want to leave the home built. 

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