Sunday, January 19, 2014

Illusions vs. Reality

Bad things happen in the world; but greater good things are waiting to be discovered and released...

The most recent decade has shown that "divorce" & "marriage" in general are being mismanaged by the judicial system and some parents.  

The Reality:
Most young woman think of getting married to start a family with Prince Charming. And those young Prince's believe that those Princesses will help them create something greater that will last far longer then own lives; "Children" something they themselves alone could not create.   

The illusion: 
That relationships do not take work; that lack of effort and Divorce, Domestic Violence in all it's forms, breaks the bonds of family and creates future generations that continue to diminish it's value.   

Sometimes a parents own childhood fears of rejection get in the way and they lash out at others using words that hurt, belittle and diminish relationships; forgetting that the children are part of both and if you cut one down you cut half of them.   

The Reality is Family means teamwork and knowing other's are always on your side. It is like the Kenya Proverb - "it's like sticks in a bundle they are unbreakable.  

Divorce is sad but it does not have to create twigs; Remember to rise above it. Use praise and "Raise your words, not your voice. It is the rain that grows flowers, not thunder." (Rumi)

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The Head Fairy 

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