Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meeting Gary Lambert - candidate for United States Congress - NH - 2014

What Drives People to Run for Office

Unraveling, Mr. Lambert's frame of reference ; as the host, on a day when new equipment wasn't doing exactly what we wanted it to do, when we wanted it to do it; I have to say - patience was something that I found in 'Gary Lambert' and sincere curiosity about our team members that day and what drove us.  

Which is exactly what I was seeking to find and did find out about Mr. Lambert, what are his set of norms, where did he and what influenced his values, or ideas and how does that affect the way he interacts with others? It's important to meet the candidates running for office and as the observer, hopefully you will be able to identify those things that are important to you and your family.  


No matter what choices you make this election season; we need to look at how our candidates not only lead others; but like this interview - how they empower and influence others to work with them.  

So Keep Asking Questions and Observing ...the answers are always there if you just pay attention.

See You Soon

The Head Fairy

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