Saturday, October 4, 2014

When Fairy's Weep Chapter 2

Continued from Chapter 1  Lochness 

It was a typical overcast day in Scotland; but Mary Macleod was not your ordinary girl, sitting on a cliff adjacent to Urguhart Castle. Her adopted home talking to her friend Nessi; with a slight breeze whipping around her curly mane she was a sight!

Nessi, I can't change my mind now. I am going to America.  I am not staying here to be captured and wed to my cousin. He's...ugh he's a heathen oaf and that poor girl behead, for not giving him a male heir! Honestly, I don't think you can really plan to have a male or female. No not even a fairy can plan that.  I am only half fairy.  I do like living among the humans, they are clever and witty.

You could have followed me if you hadn't chose this place to change into a sea creature for all of eternity!  ... I'm sorry you have been such a dear friend, but this curse is hard to unravel and I do want to go home someday.  If it weren't for you and Caroline, I would have no friends.  She is such a dear, but getting on in years and plans to leave the castle to the state to care for. So I need to move to on and she understands.  

Nessi, there will be countless others who can see you and I will send Denise-Marie back to visit you and her child may even follow later. No she won't stay, I can't completely see the future, but she will be able to look back and begin to unravel the pieces.  The curse seems to affect the girl's journey to their happily-ever-after. But I clearly see she is a risk taker. She'll love those she meets with all her heart and when crossed she won't be easy to subdue.  The boys seem more hardened; but luckily they do reach happily-ever-after with human woman.  Perhaps because women generally have the power to heal men's hearts.  

I can't stay, I  don't want you to protect me Nessi, they think you're a monster and may hunt you and/or worst kill your physical form. The abyss is filled with some of the most unsavory souls and you know if you put yourself purposefully in the way, when there are other ways around a problem, you end up there. Yes, It's very funny! Not at all. I know Menrva, and how you two spied on her son while he was growing up on the isle of skye. But that was when you roamed the sky's as a dragon; what's funny is that you choose to be turned into a sea creature that is now locked into this fish bowl.  I want to be free and make my own choices I will not choose to be a Selkie tie to the sea.  I want to roam the world forever and a day.  

Boston will be fantastic you know my love of shoes and I have a job lined up in Lynn, Massachusetts.  You know they made the boots worn by Continental Army soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  Women are able to earn a living and keep their independence and you know I love how things work, it's perfect for me.   

Nessi I will always love you and miss you terribly, but you have your things to do and I have to chase mine who knows why. But the quest is to find out and do our part to make sure the humans do not destroy everything we hold dear.  Ha old maid at 18 someday that will not be the case. 

I have to say good-bye they are waiting for me and I must say good-bye to Caroline, she'll still be with you for a little longer and there will be others and you know you can always trust those girls with green eyes and boys with brown eyes to keep your secrets. 

No I won't say good-bye to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, it'll be to hard; He and Margaret are such a complimentary team. They will weave magic such as Glascow has never seen before! Just think, it wasn't that long ago that you would not have seen a MacDonald and Mackintosh together. That was a bloody awful period. And things are calming down here, not perfect; but getting much better.

I just want to feel peace and America is suppose to have some of that. I can just feel her pulling me that way. You know that inexplicable tug. 

oh I hear them calling, Good bye for now, you know we'll meet again, I'll love you forever and then some. Until then may we find that illusive happily-ever-after. 

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