Sunday, November 30, 2014

Maleficent Lesson

Maleficent - Saw it, ♥ it. Repeated 3 times to be sure. 

The point, the evil queen's curse in and of itself ensured that she herself would love the child; and it unwittingly and/or intentionally assured her vengeance was directed at the rightful target. In and of her own doing, it turned her from the villain into the hero we cried and cheered for, as she was glorified in becoming free again from the ties that had grounded her. 

The Lesson, is that people who hurt others create their own torments; always fearful that "you" will one day be back for them. They never experience true joy in their madness to vilify the victim. 

The Choice, as the victim, we want justice and seek vindication. When it's not delivered, we make mistakes. But reclaiming "you" can be found in the most unlikely places; because of the choices you make. You weren't wrong - you were wronged.  And the most horrible things can be put behind you and you will mend, maybe not this week or the year after.  But most assuredly, if you look for humor and joy like Maleficent "you" will again soar to incredible heights - never really having lost what makes you uniquely, "you."   

Kudos to Disney's -
Linda Woolverton, the Writer who cried through it all. 

Dive a little deeper - the answers are out there. 

See You Soon
Keep Asking Questions

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