Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What is Fairy Tales Access?

Fairy Tales are reminders of speakable and unspeakable forces that affect us all. 

Right now, and not once upon a time; mother's and their children are growing up in a world of exploitation and alienation; denied access to the very communities they gave birth to. 

Conditions where they are cut off from the world. Restricted to what they can say, think and do. Their cries for help are going unheard by societies; because the forces behind mounting alienation are found in successful men and/or bystanders who look on and do nothing to intervene. 

It's not a new concept, even in America, slavery, racism and lack of women's and children's rights have been a part of its history. It is a cancer, a corrupting influence that is global, with no visible symptoms at first; until the mass grows. And as shown throughout history it ends only when the afflicted, rights are respected and restored. 

Fairy Tale's Are and/or Were, Real-Life at sometime; reminders that there are ways to act, that each individual must choose and that there are unintended consequences for bad acts. 

Fairy Tale's also are a reminder that Good Acts and even one very small seemingly unimportant person - can grow up to wake up an entire nation and/or be heard around the world. 

Trials and Tribulations come to us all; but it is how we face them and move on that matters. 

Fairy Tales are unraveling right now, in plain sight. People are doing amazing and evil things everyday; yet, they are overcoming incomprehensible loss and achieving happily-ever-after. A place where there is love, success and freedom for the individual. A concept that began to emerge only a mere 800 years ago. 

Revealing, that the bad guys are sometimes the ones we thought we could trust the most. Ruler's and Pillar's in a community, promoting neighbors helping neighbors, pals, fellowship, friends, even a parent who denigrates and demonizes another parent. 1000's perhaps even millions of bad acts that deprive people of natural, inherent rights. Right's that are universal. Those rights include, contact with family, independent thinking, asking more questions and being given the tools to make their dreams into reality. 

The mind can only be trapped by the limitations an individual imposes upon himself. Understanding how others deal with grief and find happiness - let's us know - we have more choices than we ever imagined.      

There comes a point in all our lives; when we have to see the truth and make our own independent choices of how we will live our lives and achieve our purpose. I can assure you, each of us, does have a purpose and I want to witness all of your joy and every moment of every day; I pray there is no pain, but until the moment comes again... know that I am cheering you on and that true love requires sacrifice and in the end, no matter what your course; I hope you get to do it all. Happily-Ever-After can be reached and your Fairy Tale is unraveling right now, live it big!

Happy Birthday! To the little boy, I loved before he was even born and children around the world I have yet to meet.  You are the promise in the star's and always wanted,

and I will love you beyond the moon & stars beyond infinity waiting for that moment when "you" ask me more questions... 

Children do and say a lot of things and parents share Fairy Tale's for the lessons they teach, to inspire and to let you know you were always wanted; and that there is Fairy Tale Access to your own individual Happily-Ever-After.  

Keep Asking Questions the answers are right in front of you and while that access may sometimes feel out of reach. Just remember...

You can grow up to be anything you dream, you're almost there. Make it Epic!  

Ћ ℋead ℱairy 

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