Saturday, January 30, 2016

Etiquette The Supportive vs. The Infringment

Etiquette is a customary code of our actions towards others. It's the polite behavior and respect we use towards each other in society and within our online communities. 

Is there a fine line between being supportive and infringing on other's and how do we distinguish it? 

To start, if you're an author there are probably many other authors within your community of followers. Why because like etsy & blogger's - artist's are supportive of each other's work. You Retweet each other's work.  It's the same with people who provide coupons, rebates etc.  They follow each other to share things that do not conflict with their own business, even their competitors and to learn.  

So where is the fine line with plagiarism or infringing on people's business? 

The point is you don't do the posting to their feeds about a similar product or coupon; they choose to do it from theirs. 

Retweet Great.
      Retweet as a Quote without adding to it plagiarism.

Example of plagiarism: on Twitter when you retweet a tweet as if it were your own, but do not add anything to enhance the message. That's a form of plagiarism. (your getting the count instead of the original poster) Same when you copy and post someone's message from facebook without giving them credit. What is good is sharing it &/or adding a message of your own to it, for your crew. 

Example of infringing: FaceBook or Twitter etc. comes into play a lot with people doing coupons & rebates. What not to do.  Do not share a coupon when another site does coupons/rebates on their site. That's just rude.  If they want something you have that they don't or can't get - they will retweet it. Make sense?  
Being a Leader in your online world means that you practice the notion of being chivalrous, you follow people back to show your interest in what they do or if they are going to give you amazing insights and ideas.  You also protect your community by blocking those that are rude, mean spirited or a conflict of interest.  

Be nice, be kind, be supportive of your community - retweeting, reposting sharing original content and being true to you and your followers is what makes you stand out. 

That also means there will be people to block.  Just think of it as you would anything else.  Is this someone you'd like to sit next to on the next bus, train, plane or boat to nowhere in particular. 

What's your opinion?

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