Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Promoting What You Do Outside Your Community

Klear –  measure your success – delete – repeat 

"Promoting Your Brand/Show/Ideas Outside Your Community"
It's not as hard as you think.

Rules of Engagement:

#1 Have Fun;
#2 Be consistent; same pictures and color schemes across networks

Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand.  Perception, Verbal Visual & The Tools You Use To Share Your Content Can Make Life So Much More Accessible!
What do you love?  People? Travel? Magic? Literacy? Learning Everyday, That's us, who are you?
Why would people be interested?  Because you are.  Sometimes it'll take a bit to find the people interested in the same thing your interested in.  That's okay, it's a process. 
Help people along the way. Have fun network & you'll be surprised at the amazing opportunities you find along the way. We've been invited to and visited Egypt to do a show. As well as help others create their own brand and/or expand on it! Sharing what you love is just #FairyTaleWicked   
Why would people be interested?  
This is the Place Where Kid's Rule & Ћ ead airy Unravels Fairy Tales in Real Time, Rather than Once Upon A Time © Promoting Literacy Travel & Expose Bad Guys~It's Balance
What is your tagline?   Keep Asking Questions
When to post how much?  2-4 times a day, depending on the platform to start add more as your building up.  Right now we're at 12 times a day for twitter, 3-5 times a day for FaceBook, Instagram once a day, Pinterest is like our holding area for really cool finds. Our blog one to two times a week, out TV show weekly during most of the year 10 months. 
Start with 1-2 a day anywhere you'd like and see what works for you. I will tell you how to line it all up and get the above done in 3-5 hours a week while making a side income.  

Tools to Try & Follow Me Back On; I can't wait to meet you!

Buffer &/or Hootsuite   This is where you'll line up media you'd like to share over the next week
Buffer has great tools to get content and share it.  While Hootsuite let's you retweet yourself.

Dropbox  When your doing interviews share a link & have their photos & videos ready to share with your team for pre and post editing. It's also a great place to keep photos your using on instagram.

FaceBook Create a page about what your doing and where your going.   

Twitter  Your niche share the things you find & share what your followers are sharing.  Follow back and be interested in what their interested in.  Relationships always have give and take.  

Pinterest  This is a great place to store all your favorite things along the way & bonus create mailing lists.

YouTube   This is where we share the story's of all the amazing people we meet & destinations we travel to. 

Blog/Webpage/WordPress Your here! This is a great place to share more than all the other places let you share. 

Make Money Online
MagicLinks  get paid a little bit to a lot, for what you’re doing on line.  Share your favorite things, shops, books, makeup, accessories, foods, gifts & sign up with me and shoot me questions I will totally followup with ideas to help you along the way.  
Co Promote   This platform is all about sharing information yours for theirs, you never know who'll you meet along the way and/or collaborate with. 

LinkedIn When your in the job market this is a great place to network. 

Instagram - For me it's sharing moments more often than not as they happen!  

I volunteer at a local community television stationAccess Nashua to do our shows; it's a great exchange it helps improve my skills, networking opportunities & use of equipment for free.  Couple that with sharing/syndicating the shows on YouTube as well as Peg media  & Telvue  and now your sharing with audiences in the millions...that's just so #FairyTaleAccess-ible 

Do What You Love & Work Hard, Ask more questions and it will all fall into place! 

See You Soon

Ћ ℋead ℱairy 

Some Tweets Are Affiliate and/or Partner Links that I may get paid on if you use them.

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