Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cassandra's Interview with the Head Fairy!

A Child Arrived Just Ћ Other Day ...
and she didn't come in, in the usual way.  She sought out the Ћ ℋead ℱairy  at one of her airy Tale Festivals. And then she gather her courage, and while introducing herself to ℋead ℱairy, she challenged her to release "her" Fairy Tale Access wish to be a TV host.  So of course, we gave it to her and she has done a wonderful job. 

Imitation can be ~the sincerest form of flattery;

Especially when it comes from a young person...

Be careful of how you choose to act; if a young person wants your time, give it, if they want to know about your job, bring them.  You never know whose watching and  waiting.  

Waiting for someone - just like "You". To simply give them some of your time....

You do not have to be a Dad or Mom; you can be any adult who does not want to be remembered by a child~the way the Child in this song remembers ...and don't procrastinate 

because all great adventures have a turning point and Cassandra's journey resulted in a move far far away; but she is surely on her way to an ever bigger #HappilyEverAfter 

Best Wishes Always Cassandra,
See You Soon 

Ћ ℋead ℱairy 

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