Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fairy Tales Are Bad? Versus ... WHAT!?!

Richard Dawkins - newest comment is stirring the conversation or ah... boiling the kettle, he states that: "Fairy Tales Are Bad for Children"! Versus Only Science is Better?

This blogger weighs in and makes some good points; but what no one is pointing out, is the obvious.

Richard Dawkins is a  ethologistevolutionary biologist,[3] and writer.

Evidence of the Dangers in not reading fairy tales could be attributed to and/or seen in Dawkins own 3 divorces; not understanding the human relationship of give & take; one divorce it happens, but 2 or 3?  

Fairy Tales give us character traits to teach us how to get along with other's; for one thing, how many character traits are there? Here's an example of 638; and yes you can pick them by reading a Fairy Tale!

One thing Dawkins, does support is teaching children to be critical and open-minded; the rise in bullying shows that children are far to critical and open-minded? How can one be opened minded without the moral compass found in the climax of a Fairy Tale "Good versus Evil?" Science has questionable moral slants and without a good moral compass; how far is too far? When do you cross the line to that of Evil Villain? 

I do NOT believe Fairy Tale's are bad for children or adults for that matter.  They inspire people to get a long with others and seek out the possibilities ~ even the ones found in science and math.

Perhaps most importantly Fairy Tales help us to dream of a better tomorrow; they give us hope, where hope may all but be lost and they inspire us to be the very best we can on the road to #happilyeverafter bumps and all!

Please leave your comments here on your way to happily-ever-after!  

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