Friday, February 5, 2016

Voting Rights Act of 1965 Not Effective Enough

Voters in American Elections have no privacy as a right! What?

New Hampshire opens it's doors to discrimination  against each and every voter, by posting every individual's party preferences online.

Moreover, the antiquated hours kept by City Halls across the state like Nashua, NH; fail to follow the Law impeding working voters. Which initially led to finding the above when researching:  

PUBLIC INCONVENIENCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY Mayor Jim Donchess City Hall is only open 8-5 Monday thru Friday; making it impossible to those who work during the day to change their party affiliation and/or registration to vote in the first place.
How about customer service? I asked your City Clerk's office to send me a change of party form today. A form that the Secretary of State's office said you should have. Which would be updated on 2/10/16. Yet, Patricia Piecuch, your City Clerk, says she'll only mail it out for those with a disability or residing outside the state. (which could mean they don't even live here to vote in the 1st place) and I had go through 3 people before getting a direct answer from Piecuch.

Here's 3 Reasonable Options:
1. Keep the Clerk's office there late one day a week or a Saturday Morning;
2. Simply mail out the form;
3. Serve the community by allowing voters the opportunity to change their status at a primary or election even if they are not previously undeclared. Simple & Inline with the law RSA: 654:34 I. (b)

Ref. #3 The above office said it would only be available at the primary for unregistered voters. And any party affiliated voters would have to take time off work to come in to the Clerk's Office.

THIS POLICY IS UNIQUE to Nashua and UNREASONABLE in the 21st Century.
Posted by Denise-Marie McIntosh on Friday, February 5, 2016  
In Texas, they only have to tell the clerk at the desk their party; but they shouldn't have to tell anyone.  Quote: 

"It’s rather ironic when one considers that we live in an age in which corporate donors to the ... Party are fighting to keep their political donations secret, while voters must publicly declare their party preferences in order to exercise their voting rights."

Solution:   One Ballot for everybody all parties. Candidates for office identified by party.  No brainer - save trees - election costs - and allow Americans their privacy & right to vote their conscience without having to be branded publicly by party affiliation; from the last time they voted.  


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