Sunday, February 14, 2016

Small Business Entrepreneur's Secrets

Small Business people, are risk-takers the doers; but most importantly they are dreamers and not your average daydreamers! Starting your own small business can be crazy, whether it's something new or you're a distributor. So let's talk about the things that worry us and some practical solutions.

The IRS - what to write off & how to file on all years. First Check the Self-Employed  a lot of questions answered there. 2nd Filing Quarterly & At the end of the Year. Free Electronic Filing with companies like HR Block & others if you made under $62,000  as of 2016; check yearly this number changes.  You can save $500+ by filing on your own and it has become a lot easier than you think.  
Living the life of  a Nomad; Uncle Sam still wants his cut; "if you are a U.S. Citizen or a resident alien of the United States and you live abroad you are taxed on your worldwide income.  
Bonus:  You may be able to deduct most of it!

The Art of Being Frugal 

Socializing/Advertising -  The Free Stuff is the best.  All Social Media, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, G+ , PinterestLinkedIn , YouTube, Blogger you're here or Wordpress etc.  Tips. Follow Everyone back except people you would block; x-rated, mean people, promoting hate etc.  Go ahead and block them. Do not follow more than 100 accounts a day. Do not unfollow more than 50-100 a day.  Platforms like twitter and others will suspend your account & any interruption in service, is just bad.  Save Stuff in Pinterest, Blogs, etc and share on other platforms to drive traffic to more of what you do. 

Programs to cut your time- Buffer, Hootsuite etc.  These allow you to line up posts 'free'. Buffer allows about 10 per 4 platforms. Hootsuite a little more but only 3 platforms are free.  I like buffer and their 1st upgrade typically better customer service, not as many platforms, but you can do multiple companies like Hootsuite.  This saves you huge time.  Then you can check in to answer your followers, retweets, posts to you etc. 

CrowdFire - to find and unfollow & block your unfollowers; why because if they follow you again and you follow back it can lead to a platform block out. 

Public Access Television - Start a TV Show about what you do and share it online, use different servers to get it syndicated across the U.S. and Canada.  Most stations have free services and/or small costs associated with learning how to use their equipment, studios and to taking editing classes.  

Tools - DropBox - use it to collect pictures, videos etc from people you're working with. It's free and saves time on downloads & storage space. 

Faxes - Free Fax Zero online it sends an ad with your fax but it's "Free"

Is it work? Yes, but if you love what you do you'll never really work a day in your life. My passions, are people, culture, history, reading and landscapes/travel. Which led me to promote literacy & travel and unraveling stories about people who found, gave or received Fairy Tale Access to their dreams and/or to dispel the myths and meet and introduce you to amazing people.  

Life's a gift, follow your passions the money will follow you. Everyone you meet online and in real-time face to face can spark amazing ideas; follow the people who make you smile.

See You Soon
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Disclosure: these suggestions are all ones I've used. Some have become affiliates.  Thanks for checking into them, I hope you enjoy & save as much with them as I have. 

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