Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Easter Tale - Today and not once upon a time...

At Easter, we still honor a truly ethical and moral man who humbly lived among us. He never led us into temptation.  In fact, all accounts of his actions and deeds while here on earth, show that he tried to deliver us from evil. 

He was the kind of person, we hope our sons and daughters would grow up to immulate. Someone who cared for others no matter what their religion or station in life may have been. Someone who cared for the sick and starving. Someone who knew deep inside you could never be wrong for the doing the right thing for others. 

He created and/or reiterated boundaries that should never be crossed; not religions that added or detracted from how we should treat one another or even how we treat ourselves.  

The world was and continues to be in need of redemption. A young man, named Jesus sacrificed himself to save others.  Everyday there are unspeakable horrors going on in the world; each and every act, all in need of redemption. 

The Message isn't that we need another martyr or even another religion.  The message is, was and continues to be that - we have a responsibility towards each other to be just and true. To share what we have and what we know. To agree and disagree respectfully without fear of death or vengeance.  

The Message is that sacrifice includes doing the right thing to avoid evil and that only when you do, can you to rise from the depths of despair, heartache and pain and forgive those who trespassed against you.   

Forgiveness is not forgetting, it is not saying what is done is okay. Forgive simply means that "you" and only "you" have stopped feeling and feeding the angry beast.  

Easter is a reminder to rise above the trials and tribulations that the world throws our way.  Simply by practicing goodness and compassion towards each other; no matter, where we're from or what we believe.  

Bad things happen; but they can be overcome by Good Things, when we choose to rise above it. No matter what our faith is, Jesus was probably one of the best teachers who ever lived.  

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