Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Laborious Journey of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh has become a fairy tale of sorts of late; but he was a real man with real issues. The scene below was from Star Trek in 2009...

There is a place called Mesopotamia and it is the cradle of civilization. Albeit in modern times it has fallen to more threats from evil itself.  When you discover history you can see what's beginning to unravel faster. History has a way of repeating itself, but you wouldn't know it unless, you look back. It really is the only way to keep moving forward.  

The region of what is now Iraq, is the birthplace of writing and the city of Babylon.  The hanging gardens of Babylon is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and it is the only one whose original location has not been established.  It doesn't mean it never existed, after all it has inspired so many more hanging gardens around the world since. 

There is an very long poem about a man named Gilgamesh, recounting his struggles as a reckless youth, his fear of death, and his quest for immortality. Men think living forever is 

immortality. Yet the poem makes clear, that Gilgamesh will be remembered for rebuilding the city’s walls on their beyond ancient foundations and restoring the temples of the gods. Gilgamesh is a King who learns his place in the great scheme of things, finding wisdom through adversity. An adversity that he at times brought on to himself. 

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Some of the stories found in all religions can be traced back further than even the bible itself; including the great flood of Noah written over a 1000 years before that one ever happened; maybe it happened twice.  Life is complex, it means people can be bad and turn good and sadly vice versa.  It means there will be heroic adventures and there will be epic fails, the point is to learn that every action has a reaction.  Most importantly that every human who has ever lived has a story. Including you. Your story is unraveling right now in real-time.  Fairy Tale Access is your our Journey. It's about, you unlocking your potential and giving you the tools to reach your own epic saga, keep going, keep discovering how everyone is more alike than they are not.  Travel, Dream, Inspire

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