Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 A Year Filled With Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers are those people that propelled us forward. 
This is how it all unraveled ... 

2017 was a year full of Manmade & Natural Disasters. Dragons in conflict with the earth, people & even the air we breathed. They sent unimaginable bursts of conflict, water, fire and icy temperatures. One way or another, we felt the sting and our Fairy Tales were interrupted by the beasts.   

It was the year of the Fire Rooster  aka Lucky, it happens every 60 years. While going through it we never felt lucky - we felt bad luck. Yet, he showed us that in the face of adversity and heartbreak, that we could courageously and confidently come together. And by doing so we proved - we are resourceful, hardworking & talented in confronting so many of the problems that developed.    

To Get Access back to our unwinding Fairy Tale, We dared to take a peek Behind The Mask and we found a Magic Bear named SAMI, who led us out of the woods. Where we met a 10 year old girl who shared some very cool facts and made us realize 'your never too old to learn something new'. 

Through the eyes and voices of people who live here and way over there, we caught glimpses into what life is really like in lands faraway from our own.  

No Fairy Tale is without bumps in the road and we found some unlikely villains lurking - behind a hill. A government unto itself - in more ways than the world ever challenged.  

Our white light  chasers weeded them out and shared their findings with the world.  Out of the ashes, we listened and we found a back story of true love with this dynamic duo. What's more - we found out what you can achieve when you're working side by side
We shared the Highwire Act, with a certain mindfulness and overcame stress, weight-lossand even a supply chain revolution. Sharing tall tales and funny ones along the way. Even - when we were scared. 
We found that there are people who went out of their way for others. Moreover, that the road to justice can be long; but satisfaction comes tenfold when you not only achieved it for yourself; but you opened the door for others to pursue it.

In closing out our memorable 2017, it's important to keep asking questions and remember: It's never too late to turn on the lights and say Thank you.  

That's the way to Fairy Tale Access 

Thank you for being a part of the magic of 2017

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