Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Science Hero to the Rescue!

Jordan, definitely makes our, we need a HERO to save the day, profile!

Here's the scene: 
"PictureIt" It's rainy, snowy, overcast, and/or children claiming they are bored, miserable even!  Staying inside all day can conjure these scenes! 
"What to do?"  

Immediately schedule your low low cost FREE appointment with DoctorMadScience and try some experiments with the DMS Jordan, the one below has everything you need probably in your cupboard right now! And in 2 minutes you can learn how to be the hero in a child's miserable day, it's that simple!

With a little bit of science & a creative imagination; Jordan is on Facebook, at  DoctorMadScience of course!  He continues to come up with projects to inspire us ... 
I mean children to try more things !!!

Thank you, Jordan

See You Soon 

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