Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Worst Sort of Contractor's

Imagine your shopping for windows and you thought you bought these from a company; because that is what the salesman told you, you were buying:

 But Instead, You Received These 

Your Told, They Will Cost $1,000 For Each Window, because they have to do cement work & it's a 2 person job. But no cement work is ever done and 1 person comes in and out in 2 hours. 
Here's what we did:
Complained to the business, let them know we are filling a complaint with the BBB (useless, they paid for an A+ rating) and the Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Department; as well as, the State licensing board. 
Deal with an unscrupulous attorney get half the settlement your entitled to.  It's sometimes, better to wait for the AG's office to negotiate for you, if your city has a department that does that. Massachusetts is great at protecting citizens, while states like New Hampshire not so much. 

Or this situation, 
One where a contractor you've been doing business with for years, is sold unknown to you until; they come into your home and don't do the work they said they did. You call for heat. Return to no heat. Expecting the usual free estimate before anything is done.  

No notice or call that they needed a part or did any work, which they claim is the case 3 days later, when they finally get back to you and after you call in another plumber. One who is able to fix the heat without additional parts.  Yet they charge you for it. When, they have this on their website:
"Free Estimate" was Never Given, in this matter.
Here's what you do: 
Challenge the collection agency to get you a copy of your  signature that you signed for the work.  
The collection agency sends a notice that the matter has been dropped; because they never got your signature.  Don't sign until it's done right and your actually given an estimate. 

Now imagine your a senior citizen on a Fixed Income and you realize you've just been scammed and when you ask the above company's to fix it, the window people come in 4 times, reschedule twice at the last minute and the company refuses to give you what you purchased and you get a 1/4 of the refund.   The plumber well obviously they never get your business back; because they made the wrong choices.

It's always wrong to take advantage of anyone; 
it is unconscionable to take advantage of senior citizens. 
Beware of the disreputable!

 Stick Up For Those People 
Who Need To Be Treated Fairly. Write Reviews, Push Back. 
The Truth should always be in plain sight.  
Keep Asking Questions


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