Thursday, March 19, 2020

Beauty Industry Secrets, Issues & The Non-Disclosed

Background Paralegal/Analyst/TV Host:  Love Travel & Research. The things I cover are happening in real-time and in 2020 I was going to try to do 1 or 2 posts a month or more about Travel, Issues, Beauty Secrets & Dispel Myths, Misconceptions and expose bad guys.  In this blog I typically will not name the bad guys; but I might hyperlink the issue so you can see who the bad guys are.  The good Guys they get named, linked and maybe even a TV interview. 

Travel Is On Hold for the Majority: But remember everything has a cycle and this one will end. Save up, dream and plan for that next big adventure! 

Beauty Buzz - Everyone is doing something and they have great before and after pictures; but what's the buzz with Micro-needling, Laser Facials, Fillers, Botox, Emsculpt and the average woman? You, know "us" we work out, sometimes we let it go - because life gets in the way.   I will let you know on the claims of the above  after I finish trying a copy of more.  This is the in general "you've got to be kidding me page" capping 5 years of research. 

The Things To Be Aware Of!! Ask more questions. 

1.  The Industry is not regulated. There are no standards for how long someone should be trained meaning more often than not your the guinea pig. 

2. Training for lasers, micro-needling, Botox and fillers is one day!  Just one day.  Granted nurses and doctors use needles a lot - shots, vaccines, drawing blood. But do they understand how the muscles they are injecting into your face or neck work? You'll find when you press for answers they sadly and most concernedly do not.  I found 3 in 5 years who do and that was after interviewing over  20 potential candidates that didn't. Luckily, I found Dr. Peggy Gregory and I have to say she truly is exceptional with injections and using and describing other procedures. So I will be there a bunch to work on achieving my personal best! 

3. Surgeons even plastic surgeons, men especially seemed to have a god complex.  There was one who actually overdosed my forehead with Botox and while I got a refund it was extremely uncomfortable for months like 10. In the picture below you can see how my brows dip near the bridge of my nose and create a heaviness across the lid; it's like you want to tape your eyebrows up and in fact you probably will to relieve the tension.   

4. Another nurse where I just wanted smooth even textured skin on the arms for sun damage - used the Fraxel laser and I ended up with burns and skin discoloration. She said she had intense training.  However, it was one day!  So get the consultation demand answers so you avoid these types of disappointments.  File the complaint with the nursing association in your state for misrepresentation and failure to follow up when they don't return calls. 

Also, with Botox, Xeomin or Dysport when they say they charge per area - that's a red flag.  Seriously the industry is by unit why pay more - when you probably won't need it.

Other things to aware of: billing.  Seriously how many times have you bought anything and the receipt does NOT STATE WHAT YOU bought? Granted some of you will want that. 

But, you can't dispute the charges with your credit card company when things go wrong you have to go the consumer protection bureau, better business bureau (which lets face it  - is useless)  and the board governing their practices in your state. 

So be wary. Since we can't travel right now - work on getting your strength up and being the best "you" so that next adventure is one of your best ever.  Right now,  I'm working with Ageless Medical Spa in NH to do just that! Dr. Gregory is the consummate professional everything we're looking for. Experience with the products using. Able to deter us from going overboard, reasonable rates and she truly listens. If she can't help she's honest and makes recommendations to others. Maybe it's because she was an Obgyn for years; but she's someone whose able to understand and respond to her patients issues and needs.  

I tried Emsculpt there and I'm so impressed! Since I'm more likely than not essentially tied to the states for a while. I am trying Emsulpt, Vanquish and Exilis Ultra 360 for building muscle and targeting fat. (Also, gym time is currently restricted due to closings).   I am frankly shocked at how well it's going! These are my results after one Emsculpt treatment.  I am so excited I'm adding the others, keeping up at the gym, by walking and exercising at home and eating healthy. Its getting me the results I want. I'll share more as I go through them.  

And while I am sad I may not be able to freely travel aboard until hopefully sooner than later.  I am planning the next adventure in Algeria for October 2022 specifically to Tassili n'Aljjer  aka in the Sahara Desert in Algeria; where I would have love to have to been in April 2020!  But even if it takes a little more time... it's out there and it's something to look forward to.  

Keep Asking Questions - Stay Healthy - Be The Best You - This Will Pass 


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