Friday, December 28, 2012

The Chick-fil-A Factor

The Loyalty to Chick-fil-A is 2nd to none “This loyalty effect, the full range of economic and human benefits that accrue to leaders who treat their customers, operators, and employees in a manner worthy of their loyalty, is at the core of most of the truly successful growth companies in the world today. And there is no clearer case study of the loyalty effect than Chick-fil-A.”
Fred Reichheld Author, The Loyalty Effect and Loyalty Rules!

This interview with our local Nashua, NH Chick-fil-A will bring to light why the Former President of the United States Jimmy Carter once said: “I hope that people will learn from Truett Cathy the virtues that have brought him remarkable success in life. He has dedicated himself to service in the broadest sense, following Christian principles, not only in his personal life, but in his relations with his customers and employees.” And this my friends has carried on with each individual Chick-fil-A

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