Friday, July 19, 2013

Fairy Tale Festival 2013 - 1 Lucky Winner it could be you... and ...

The Head Fairy knows that with every book we read, we often dream of being the hero's in our destiny and that we need venues to express ourselves. Now couple, that with the fact that B. St. Pierre's studio knows "A" picture isn't nearly enough to capture our dreams, we need to experience it and bring it to life, to really believe it. 

Now, you have a team that can turn dreams, adventures and/or quests into a personal storybook. What do we mean … aah, it’s that magic moment, the time your parents read to you, and then you dreamed it was you  …; or that time you built lego space ships in your living room …your mind's eye transporting you to your final destination and you just know you were flying and doing it "geared up as a real astronaut" just moments, before your parents voice brought you back to that place, they call reality.

When no one believes where you have been…

This team changes all that speculation, with the magic of St.’s and Fairy’s we will capture your special place in time; in your own, story book - so those cynical non-believer’s can read all about it and more importantly see “you” in your starring role ….breaking through the theory of relativity. And documenting your journey on TV with Fairy Tale Access!  One lucky winner at the Fairy Tale Festival 2013

             StoryBook Session at B. St.Pierre Studio, Merrimack NH from Bonnie StPierre on Vimeo.

Sign up at table # 32 1/2 for the tour and complete the Quest; winner announced at 12:43 pm right before the Fairy Tale Parade!
Must be under 14 and 4 or over to win...

If you don't win, sign up for the tour or call to book, Limited Appointments are available ... make yours by calling 603-883-2517 and tell them the Head Fairy sent you for a special Surprise...

THE 2013 WINNER IS THE DAUGHTER OF Roxanne Akhter, Congratulations on winning your StoryBook Session at the Nashua Fairy Festival! We are so looking forward to creating one of our amazing story books starring your children!

There's More
"All" Fearless Readers & Volunteers on Stage
Can Win a A 13 minute Starring Role -on 
The Head Fairy's 'TV Show' Fairy Tale Access
at any time during the festival, even if do not get a chance to read but attempt to volunteer.

     All you have to do is approach the the Head Fairy after you volunteer and ask her; her favorite question and you will get a Kids Rule Spot like our 1st Star, Maddy and be seen by all your friends on TV with Fairy Tale Access, talking about whatever is important to YOU !!!   

Must be age 7 and up and they must want to do it; there is never a charge to be on Fairy Tale Access.

The Head Fairy's Favorite question is  ...

"CaN I hAve FaIrY TaLe AcCeSs?" 

And the answer is always yes!
Be at Fairy Tale Festival 2013
the possibilities are endless...

Parent's must sign up for booking times by email and slots are filled all year on a first come first serve basis.  

See you soon...

The Head Fairy

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