Friday, July 19, 2013

Fairy Tale Festival update for 7/20/13

Just a small update, I hear a lot of you are worried about 

rain and we are too, but the Head Fairy has a deal with 

Mother Nature and as long as she is not arguing with Karma

it should not affect our time together on 7/20/13 from 10 am

to 1 pm; if she breaks the deal the parks and rec dept will 

note it on their phone 603-589-3370 think happy happy 

thoughts and we'll be good. H.F.

           Happy Thoughts Look A Little Something Like this ...

Feel Free to Post some Happy Thoughts as we only have 11 hours 20 minutes to go ... and a break in the Humidity would be a bad addition, but we will be happy with no rain M.N & K please be nice.

See you Soon 

The Head Fairy

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