Monday, July 22, 2013

Fairy Tale Festival 2013 The Official Story & Who Won & The What's

Fairy Tale Festival 2013 The Official Pictures & Where to Get More Info

More Coming Soon ... more links at the end and click here for various papers and their pictures. 

The Storybook Winner is Roxanne Akhter's daughter 

from the drawing at the Nashua Fairy Festival!

Many unclaimed Prizes maybe claimed by Calling Tom Dwane at the Parks & Rec office at 603-589-3370 all have names on them check to see if one is yours! 

Denise-Marie McIntosh can be reached at for comments and suggestions ...

Pictures contributed by B. St.Pierre Studio














































Finding winners from the Quest  
Gabrielle Shows off how he Reads with Tobii  controlled by his eye movement! 








Getting Read to Move It or Swim for it - with Jr. Jazzercise 

























Giving Away Tickets to A Holman Stadium Baseball Game 










Pictures with Party Palace  FaceBook needed

See You Soon

The Head Fairy


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  1. It was our pleasure to participate and provide you with these event pics, and the gift of the StoryBook Studio Session with resulting hardcover book for one lucky family attending! The Fairy Tale Festival, an event promoting literacy and running a 3 hour themed story on stage, is a perfect match to our business, where we dream and play with children to make their stories come to life through our art directed, photo illustrated custom written books featuring them as the main character. It was such fun to be surrounded by so many letting their imagination run free!
    Bonnie St.Pierre, B. St.Pierre Studio, Merrimack NH 603-883-2517,


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